I. Introduction: 4:15

It’s Monday morning around 4:15am. You have one hour before your alarm sounds  to get up for that job you really despise. Why do you despise your job?  It could be because of  your boss or the fact that you have to deal with incompetent employees at your cubical for eight hours straight. Maybe it just so happens that your co-worker Josh brings in tuna salad every day for lunch and you’re tired of the same fishy smell that lingers in the air for about five minutes after its been thrown out. On the other hand, you could be waking up for school to hear another lecture  you will most likely  forget within minutes of leaving the classroom, but have to attended anyway  in order to graduate. Regardless of what you are waking up for, you woke up at 4:15am. 4:15 in this scenario is neither late nor early. It’s not too early because your alarm will sound in the next hour and not too late because you have time to sleep. What do you do in this dilemma? Well, if you go back to bed, you’ll be up in the blink of an eye and ask yourself, “Where the hell did the time go?”. However, if you do not go back to bed,   you’ll  think about everything that you normally wouldn’t think of. Take myself for instance. This morning I woke up at 4:14am, not 4:15am (different story). Again it was too early for me to actually get up and too late for me to fall back to sleep. So, I looked at my ceiling for an hour and thought about everything I wouldn’t normally think of. In fact, one of the things I thought of was creating a blog in order to explain the universe. I asked myself, “Can I actually provide readers with the  knowledge to solve answers deemed true about the universe, when scholars and scientist have been trying to explain it for centuries?”. Probably not, but if what I do write happens to spark just a little incitement for those to look further into the quest of explaining the universe, it will elate me. This is what I thought about when I woke up this morning.


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