The latest question, “Why do we follow routines?”, is where we left off during my last discussion. By looking at why we follow  routines, we will begin to understand the theory behind what a routine actually is rather than what we perceive it to be. So, let’s go back to the original scenario that I […]

My colleague Brian happened to  stumble upon my page and respond to my article yesterday about routines. (If you have not read the previous article on routines, this will be completely irrelevant to you) Maybe the purpose of this blog is actually being used for what I intended to be used for; to raise questions […]

So I’ve discussed what 4:15am is all about. To recap, we wake up at the wrong time and experience a dilemma because we have time to go back to sleep but not enough time to sleep before your  alarm will sound. If you choose to stay awake, you’ll think of everything you normally would not […]

It’s Monday morning around 4:15am. You have one hour before your alarm sounds  to get up for that job you really despise. Why do you despise your job?  It could be because of  your boss or the fact that you have to deal with incompetent employees at your cubical for eight hours straight. Maybe it […]